Technical Report CS-2006-05

Title: RaWMS - Random Walk based Lightweight Membership Service for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Ziv Bar-Yossef, Roy Friedman, and Gabriel Kliot
Abstract: This paper presents RaWMS, a novel lightweight random membership service for ad hoc networks. The service provides each node with a partial uniformly chosen view of network nodes. Such a membership service is useful, e.g., in data dissemination algorithms, lookup and discovery services, peer sampling services, and complete membership construction. The design of RaWMS is based on a random walk (RW) sampling technique. The paper includes a formal analysis of both the RW sampling technique and RaWMS and verifies it through a detailed simulation study. In addition, RaWMS is compared both analytically and by simulations with a number of other known methods such as flooding and gossip-based techniques.
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