Technical Report CIS-2004-04

Title: Three-Dimensional Face Recognition
Authors: Michael M. Bronstein, Alexander M. Bronstein and Ron Kimmel
Abstract: An expression-invariant 3D face recognition approach is presented. Our basic assumption is that facial expressions can be modelled as near-isometric transforma- tions of the facial surface. We ¯rst prove our assumption by a simple experiment. Next, using the Elad-Kimmel bending-invariant canonical forms we construct a rep- resentation of the facial surface, which is invariant to its isometric transformations. The result is an e±cient and accurate face recognition algorithm, robust to facial expressions that can distinguish between identical twins (the ¯rst two authors). We demonstrate the performances of the proposed algorithm and compare it to classical face recognition methods. The numerical methods employed by our approach do not require the facial surface explicitly. The surface gradients ¯eld, or the surface metric, are su±cient for constructing the expression-invariant signature of any given face. It allows us to perform the 3D face recognition task while avoiding the surface reconstruction stage.
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