Technical Report LPCR9901

Title: The Application Problems on Toolkit
Authors: L. Ioffe, M. Israeli and I. Yavneh
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Abstract: The Supercomputer Toolkit was developed by A.Goikhman and J.Katzenelson for execution of parallel programs requiring heavy computation and communication between adjacent processors. The main features of this computer are very small time spent for transition data between processors, compatability with standard service systems,cheap environment for debugging and performing concurrent programs. Hence this Supercomputer may be employed by any user for solving the scientific and practical problems which do not require huge computer resources. In this paper we investigate the suited performances of three important numerical methods: spectral Fourier method, Multigrid scheme and of the Godunov type finite-difference method. Serial programs of these methods were parallelized to run on the Supercomputer Toolkit . The conditions for effective implementation of the parallel computer Toolkit are found. Further ways of optimizing the application on this computer are discussed.
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