Technical Report CS0962

Title: One-way Trapdoor Permutations Are Sufficient for Single-Server Private Information Retrieval
Authors: Eyal Kushilevitz and Rafail Ostrovsky
Abstract: We show that general one-way trapdoor permutations are sufficient to privately retrieve an entry from a database of size $n$ with total communication complexity strictly less than $n$. More specifically, if $K$ is the security parameter of the trapdoor permutations, we show a protocol where the user sends $O(K^2)$ bits and the server sends $n-\frac{cn\log n}{K}$ bits (for any constant $c$). Thus, for sufficiently large databases (e.g., when $K=n^\epsilon$ for some small $\epsilon$) our construction breaks the information-theoretic lower-bound (of $n$ bits); this demonstrates the feasibility of basing private information retrieval on general assumptions, resolving a major open problem in this area.
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