Technical Report LCCN9807

Title: Crankback Prediction in Hierarchical ATM Networks
Authors: Eyal Felstaine and Reuven Cohen and Ofer Hadar
Abstract: When an ATM node discovers that it cannot continue the setup of a virtual channel under the requested QoS, it initiates a back-tracking procedure called "crankback". We propose a novel scheme, refered to as crankback prediction, that decreases the crankback overhead. Under the proposed scheme, nodes check during the connection admission control procedure whether the establishment of a virtual channel has a good chance to be admitted over the entire designated route. If this is not the case, crankback is initiated even before a certain QoS parameter is exceeded. The main idea behind the proposed scheme is to allocate a "quota" to the PGs along the message path, and then to sub-allocate this quota to the son PGs of these PGs. This process continues recursively until reaching the 1-level PG, that contains only physical nodes. The main advantage of the proposed scheme is that it lowers the setup delay and the processing and communication load imposed by signaling messages that establish unused portions of VCs.
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