Technical Report CIS9816

Title: Output Sensitive Extraction of Silhouettes from Polygonal Geometry
Authors: Fabien Benichou and Gershon Elber
Abstract: An algorithm to allow real time interactive display of silhouettes of complex polygonal object(s) is presented. An off-line pre-processing of all the edges of all polygons allows the efficient extraction of the silhouette edges, in real time. During the interactive session, the time complexity of extracting the silhouette edges is linear in the number of output edges in the extracted silhouette, and is typically in the order of $O(\sqrt{n})$, where $n$ is the number of polygons in the scene. The time complexity of the pre-processing stage is linear in $n$. {\bf Key Words:} Silhouette, Real Time Display, Gaussian Sphere, Range Searching.
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