Technical Report CIS9815

Title: A Unified Approach to Accessibility in 5-axis Freeform Milling Environments.
Authors: Gershon Elber and Elaine Cohen
Abstract: This paper presents a unified view that allows one to consider the global accessibility question in the context of multi--axis machining, as well as globally quantify and resolve it. No constraints are imposed on the possible orientations of the tool during the machining process neither are any inflicted on the shape of the freeform surface. Being global, the presented method augments and complements contemporary multi--axis tool positioning and verification schemes that were developed in recent years for 5-axis machining; schemes that identify and resolve the gouging problem on a point by point basis for each individual point--location along the tool path. Given a freeform surface to be machined, the orientation of the tool at each surface location, and a check surface, the outcome of the proposed method is a global dichotomy that provides the regions of the freeform surface that are accessible without gouging into the check surface.
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