Technical Report CIS9802

Title: Minimally Distorted Parametric Texture Mapping using Adaptive Isoparametric Curves' based Rendering.
Authors: Elaine Cohen and Gershon Elber
Abstract: The preservation of distance while mapping a raster texture image onto a parametric surface generally requires first order differential surface analysis with possible consideration of the geodesic curvature of feature curves on the freeform shape. This paper proposes a simple scheme for a distance preserving texture mapping that is based on the adaptive isocurves' rendering technique~\cite{Elber96}. The proposed scheme employs information that already exists in the renderer and, hence, can become much more efficient compared to previous parametric texture mapping techniques that minimizes the distance distortion. Nevertheless, like the output from all mapping techniques for planar texture patterns onto general sculptured surfaces, the output from this algorithm cannot be an Isometry, in general.
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