Technical Report CS0919

Title: A Study of Optimal Requirements Inspection Team Size
Authors: Eliezer Kantorowitz, Lior Arzi and Assaf Harel
Abstract: Achieving a high fault detection ratio requires a large number of inspectors. A large team is considered to be inefficient. It has therefore been suggested to divide the inspectors into N small teams that perform an N-fold inspection. This investigation involves experiments to determine the optimal team size. Teams of 1,2 and 3 members inspected the same document of a small information system. In terms of inspector-hour per detected fault, the performance of teams 1 and 3 inspectors were similar. Teams composed of 2 inspectors were considerably better. They achieved FDR levels with less than half of the effort required by teams of 1 and 3 members. Teams of two were also best when it was required to detect the largest possible number of faults without regard to costs. The performance of teams using different fault inspection methods and different team sizes can be quantitatively compared using a simple probabilistic model that characterizes the difficulty of the faults and the abilities of the inspectors by only two different parameters.
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