Technical Report CS0915

Title: A $2$-level cactus tree model for the system of minimum and minimum+1 edge cuts of a graph and its incremental maintenance
Authors: Yefim Dinitz and Zeev Nutov
Abstract: The known cactus tree model represents the minimum edge cuts of a graph in a clear and compact way and is used in related studies. We generalize this model to represent the minimum and minimum+1 edge cuts; for this purpose, we use new tools for modeling connectivity structures. The obtained representations are different for $\lambda$ odd and even; their size is linear in the number of vertices of the graph. Let $\lambda$ denote the cardinality of a minimum edge cut. We suggest efficient algorithms for the maintenance of our representations, and, thus, of the $(\lambda+2)$-connectivity classes of vertices (called also ``$(\lambda+2)$-components'') in an arbitrary graph undergoing insertions of edges. The time complexity of those algorithms, for $\lambda$ odd and even, is the same as achieved previously for the cases $\lambda=1$ and $2$, respectively.
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