Technical Report CS0893

Title: The Performance of the N-Fold Requirement Inspection Method
Authors: E. Kantorowitz, A. Guttman and L. Arzi
Abstract: The N-fold inspection method employs $N$ different teams of inspectors for the same inspection. Experimental evaluation of the method on user requirement documents by previous researchers [Schneider, G.M. Martin J. and Tsai] show, as expected, that more faults may be detected by increasing the number of teams. The experiments done in this research with an information and a real-time system gave similar results. The analysis of both the previous and our experiments, suggests that the most important factor for the fault detection rate is the level of expertise of the inspectors. A probabilistic model that fits all the experimental results was developed. This model may be employed in practice for a fast estimate of the optimal number of inspection teams in a given industrial situation.
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