Technical Report CS0891

Title: A Fast New DES Implementation in Software
Authors: Eli Biham
Abstract: In this paper we describe a fast new DES implementation. This implementation is about five times faster than the fastest known DES implementation on a (64-bit) Alpha computer, and about three times faster than than our new optimized DES implementation on 64-bit computers. This implementation uses a non-standard representation, and view the processor as a SIMD computer, i.e., as 64 parallel one-bit processors computing the same instruction. We also discuss the application of this implementation to other ciphers. We describe a new optimized standard implementation of DES on 64-bit processors, which is about twice faster than the fastest known standard DES implementation on the same processor. Our implementations can also be used for fast exhaustive search in software, which can find a key in only a few days or a few weeks on existing parallel computers and computer networks.
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