Technical Report CIS9716

Title: Interpreting Relative Vehicle Motion in Traffic Scenes
Authors: Z. Duric, R. Goldenberg, E. Rivlin, A. Rosenfeld
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Abstract: Autonomous operation of a vehicle on a road calls for understanding of various events involving the motions of the vehicles in its vicinity. In this paper we show how a vehicle in motion which is carrying a camera can estimate the relative motions of nearby vehicles. To that aim we introduce two different motion models. First we present a model for the non-smooth motion of the observing vehicle, and show how to stabilize it, i.e. to correct the image sequence under perspective projection so that transient motions resulting from bumps, etc. are removed We then model the motions of nearby vehicles as Frenet-Serret motions which correspond to motion of a moving trihedron along a space curve. Knowing how the Frenet-Serret frame is changing relative to the observer gives us essential information for understanding the other vehicles' motions using weak-perspective projection. We present results for several road image sequences obtained from cameras carried by moving vehicles. The results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.
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