Technical Report LPCR9607

Title: MILLIPEDE: Towards a Standard Interface for Virtual Parallel Machines on Top of Distributed Environments
Authors: A. Itzkovitz, A. Schuster and L. Wolfovich
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Abstract: In this paper we propose a small yet powerful interface for a {\em Virtual Parallel Machine (VPM) on top of distributed computing environments. We call it MILLIPEDE. MILLIPEDE is a convenient environment for porting various existing parallel programming languages, for the design of new parallel programming languages, and for the development of parallel applications. MILLIPEDE exhibits various features, including some that were previously suggested in the literature, as well as others that are novel. These features include Distributed Shared Memory (DSM) along with a strong and flexible support for weak coherency protocols, and dynamic thread migration with a built-in run-time optimization for the locality of memory references. In particular, MILLIPEDE defines a novel mechanism for inter-mobile-job communication, called MJEC (MILLIPEDE Job Event control), which makes it easy to implement a variety of synchronization and communication methods. Systems that follow the MJEC convention may support a diversity of programming paradigms, either similar to existing ones or new ones. MILLIPEDE is fully implemented at the Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology - on a cluster of X86 machines running Windows - NT (see
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