Technical Report LPCR9602

Title: Load Balancing in a Distributed Shared Memory System
Authors: A. Dubrovsky, R. Friedman and A. Schuster
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Abstract: This paper reports on a comparison of six different algorithms for load balancing in a distributed environment. These algorithms represent different approaches to load balancing, such as dynamic vs. Static, cooperative vs. Non-cooperative, centralized vs. Distributed, and whether threads are allowed to migrate after their initial allocation or not. These algorithms are implemented as part of the PARC-MACH environment for executing parallel programs over a cluster of workstations. All experiments reported in this work have been conducted on this system. The results of these experiments indicate that dynamic distributed algorithms are usually better than static centralized algorithms, although in some cases the latter behave better than the former. As a result of this work, we believe that in distributed environments there is a need for load balancing algorithms that take into account the effect of remote memory access on the performance of the system.
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