Technical Report CS0888

Title: On the Robustness of h^r_m
Authors: Shlomo Moran and Lihu Rappoport
Abstract: We introduce an $N$-process deterministic concurrent object for $N\geq 3$ processes. This object, denoted as \w, is hard-wired in the sense that each process $P$ can access it using a single fixed port (though $P$ can use different ports in different copies of \w). We prove that \w satisfies the following properties: - There is no consensus protocol for three processes which uses many shared registers and many copies of \w\ (and does not use any other object); but - There is a consensus protocol for $N$ processes which uses one copy of \w\ and $(N choose 3)$ copies of $\CO{3}$, where $\CO{3}$ is the standard consensus object for three processes. This implies that the hierarchy $h^r_m$ is not robust for deterministic hard-wired objects. Keywords: concurrent objects, consensus numbers, wait-free hierarchies, robustness.
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