Technical Report CS0880

Title: A $(4k+1)$-Competitive Algorithm for the $k$-server with fixed cost excursion problem
Authors: Y. Hollander and A. Itai
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Abstract: Let $m$ be a metric space on which we have $k$ servers. A {\em request} is a point $\sigma \in M$ and is serviced either by moving a server to $\sigma$, with cost equal to the distance the server moved, or by conducting an {\em excursion}, with cost $\beta$ (smaller than this distance). Our aim is to service (on-line) any sequence $\sigma=\sigma_1,...,\sigma_f$ of requests. An on-line algorithm is $c$-competitive if for every sequence $\sigma$ the cost of the on-line algorithm is at most $c$ times the cost of the optimal off-line algorithm plus an additive factor. This paper adapts the {\em work function algorithm} of Koutsoupias and Papadimitriou [10], for the $k$-server problem (with no excursions) to handle also excursions. The resulting algorithm is $(4k+1)-competitive. We show that our problem is a generalization of the bypass problem that arises in the context of paging of memory cache, and thus obtain a competitive algorithm for that problem too.
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