Technical Report CIS9604

Title: Fast Iso-Surface Extraction using Marchnig Gradients
Authors: O. Tebeleva and G. Elber
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Abstract: Given an explicit trivatiate hyper-surface defined over a three dimensional image data set, D, and an iso-surface $S_1$ of D at some iso-value $v_1$, we present an algorithm to extract a new iso-surface $S_2$ at iso-value $v_2$, with $v_2$ sufficiently close to $v_1$. Off-line continuous reconstruction of D as a high order Bspline trivariate is employed, yielding a linear time complexity for the extraction of $S_2$ in the size of the data of iso-surface $S_1$. The end result allows real-time incremental modification of the iso-value. Hence, users can potentially modify and refine an extracted iso-surface to a precise iso-value, in an interactive manner.
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