Technical Report CIS9601

Title: Discrete Event Control of Nondeterministic Systems
Authors: M. Heymann and F. Lin
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Abstract: Nondeterminism in discrete-event systems occurs primarily as a result of partial observability of events. For the adequate description of nondeterministic systems and nondeterministic phenomena, the trajectory-model formalism was introduced in [5] [6]. This formalism has been used in [23] (also [11] [12]) for obtaining various results on supervisory control of nondeterministic systems subject to language specifications. In the present paper we carefully examine the precise relation between nondeterminism and partial observation. We develop a theory of supervisory control for nondeterministic discrete-event systems subject to both language and trajectory-model specifications. We further show how well known algorithms for supervisory control (of deterministic systems) under partial observation can be adapted for synthesis of supervisors for nondeterministic systems subject to both language and trajectory-model specifications.
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