Technical Report CS0831

Authors: I. Cidon, O. Gerstel and S. Zaks
Abstract: We study the problem of designing a layout of virtual paths on a given ATM network. We first define a mathematical model that captures the characteristics of virtual paths. In this model we define the general virtual path layout problem, and a more restricted case; While the general case layout should cater connections between any pair of nodes in the network, the restricted case layout should only cater connections between a specific node to the other nodes. For the latter case we present an algorithm that finds a layout by decomposing the network into sub-networks and operating on each sub-network recursively; This algorithm enables the formulation of a quantitative upper bound for the problem. We then present a greedy approach for the same problem, and prove the correctness and optimality of the resulting layout. Finally, we demonstrate how the algorithm for the restricted case is used as a building block in a solution to the general problem, and prove the asymptotic optimality of our result. The results exhibit a tradeoff between the efficiency of the call setup and both the utilization of the VP routing tables, and the overhead during recovery from link disconnections.
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