Technical Report LPCR9302

Authors: H. Attiya and L. Shabtay
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The report contains descriptions of four projects that were performed in the laboratory for computer communication during the spring of 1992. We have collected these descriptions and issued this report to describe the activity in the laboratory. In most cases, the descriptions contain user manuals as well as implementation descriptions. The projects cover several aspects of computer communication networks. One project (by Irene Notkin and Alex Biryukov) deals with the physical level and provides an Ethernet LAN analyzer. The second project (by Elazar Cohen and Gadi Goldfarb) implements a reliable communication on top of UDP. The third project (by David Knopniki and Shmuel Lugasi) provides a transformation from TCP/IP protocols to OSI protocols. The last project (by Ofer Chesler and Yossi Ephraim) implements a name server. All the projects were implemented on the XINU system. Thanks are due to Adrian Segall for his support of the laboratory, and to Alex Pokras and Izik Alperon for helping us install the system and run the laboratory.

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