Technical Report CS0681

Authors: O Goldreich
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Abstract: In this note we provide an exposition of three Lemmi which relate general properties of distributions with the exclusive-or of certain bit locations. The first XOR-Lemma, commonly attributed to U.V. Vazirani, relates the statistical distance of a distribution from uniform and the maximum bias of the xor of certain bit positions. The second XOR-Lemma, due to U.V. Vazirani and V.V. Vazirani, is a computational analogue of the first. It relates the pseudorandomness of a distribution with the difficulty of predicting the xor of bits in particular or random positions. The third Lemma, due to Goldreich and Levin, relates the difficulty of retrieving a string and the unpredictability of the xor of random bit positions. The proofs presented here differ from the proofs presented in the original works. Furthermore, these proofs are believed to be simpler, of wider applicability and yield somewhat better results. Credits for these improved proofs and their presentation are only partially due to the author, and are mainly due to several other researchers.
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