Technical Report CIS9102

Authors: J.-Ch. Gregoire, J.A. Makowsky, S.E. Levin
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Abstract: In spite of the progrss in software engineering practice over the recent years, the synthesis and implementation of real-time applications remains a challenging task. In this article, we look at methods and tools for fast delivery of applications in the context of factory automation; more specifically in the field of industrial robotics and for numerical controller of machine-tools. We introduce a {\em scheduling language} together with a {\em general framework} in which both kinds of applications can be expressed. Its purpose is to generate a real-time controller tuned for the application described. We show how this tool is used for the specification, the simulation and the implementation of the control-command systems. Our language extends the {\em statecharts} introduced by D. Harel for the purpose of flexible manufacturing and robot control. It inherits from the statecharts most of their features, such as the visual formalism, the semantics and its modularity. But, contrary to the original statecharts, we are concerned with real-time implementation, rather than simulation.
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