Technical Report CS0609

Authors: Michael Yoeli
Abstract: This paper is an introduction to a novel fonnal theory of delay-insensitive circuits, their verification and synthesis. We co.nsider asynchronous circuits, obtained by suitably interconnecting basic components ("modules"). Such a circuit is "delay-insensitive" if its correct behavior is independent of the delays of its modules and its connecting wires. The novel features of our approach are,the following: (1) We develop a suitable fonnal delay and race model of modular circuits; (2) We define in a new way the concept "implementation satisfies specification"; (3) We use (a suitable algebraic representation of) Petri nets for both the high-levelı specification as well as the synthesis of delay-insensitive circuits. Our synthesis methodı is "direct", i e. we do not need to transfonn the given specification net into a finite-stateı machine. The synthesis method derived in this paper is restricted to certain classes of Petri nets.ı However, research is in progress to expand the applicability of our design approach.
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