Technical Report CS0603

Authors: R.Y. Geva and A. Paz
Abstract: Irrelevance relations are sets of statements of the form: given that the 'value' of K is known,the 'values' of Y can add no further information about the 'values' of X. Undirected graphs and DAGs (Directed acyclic Graphs) were used and investigated as two schemes for the purpose of representing irrelevance relations. It is known that, although both schemes can approximate irrelevance, they are both inadequate in the sense that there are relations which can not be fully represented by anyone of them. In this paper annotated graphs are defined and suggested as a new model for representation. It is shown that this new model is a proper generalization of both the fonner models: any irrelevance relation that can be represented by either one of the previous models can also be represented by an annotated graph, and there are relations that can be represented by an annotated graph but can not be represented by either one of the fonner models. The questions of whether this new model is powerful enough to represent all the irrelevance relations, as well as some other related questions, is still open.
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