Technical Report CS0569

Title: SDP Programmer's Manual and User Guide
Authors: A. Rahat, N. Francez, O. Shmueli
Abstract: SDP is a Sequential Distributed Prolog system, in which cooperating nodes utilize distributed Prolog-like data to answer global queries. The system is described in detail in [1],[2],[3], where subjects like the system design, semantics and use are further discussed.

The SOP system was constructed in the Technion, as part of Amir Rahat's MSc. thesis, under the Guidance of Prof. Nissim Francez and pro Oded Shmueli. The research was funded by the National Council for Reaserch and Developement, the Ministry of Science.

This document includes three chapters. The first is the SDP user guide, with detailed information allowing a novice SDP user, with a good understanding of what SOP is, to execute the SDP program.

The second chapter is the system documentation. This chapter is intended for future system developers and includes explanations about the program structure. Programming notions like global variables, procedures, messages etc. are enumerated and explained.

The third chapter is a source listing of the program. The program consists of two parts, one written in Prolog and the other in C. Both parts are presented.

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