Technical Report CS0563

Title: Source To Destination Communication in the Presence of Faults
Authors: O. Goldreich, A. Herzberg and Y. Mansour
Abstract: We present a protocol for reliable communication between two processors via an unreliable, and possibly even malicious, communication media. Reliable communication means that all messages are accepted in the same order as sent, with no modifications, omissions, insertions or duplications. Our protocol is resilient to processor crashes (in which the entire memory of the processor is erased), and to duplication and, reordering of messages on the link. The protocol is practical, with applications in both the data link layer and the data transport layer of the ISO model.

Our approach is probabilistic. Namely, for the worst case behavior of the underlying unreliable channel, our protocol guarantees reliable communication with very high probability. The probabilistic approach is justified in light of the impossibility result recently shown [LMF88] for protocols resilient to processor crashes.

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