Technical Report CS0544

Title: Proofs That Yield Nothing But Their Validity or All Languages in NP Have Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Authors: O. Goidreich, S. Micali and A. Wigderson
Abstract: In this paper we demonstrate the generality and wide applicability of zero-knowledge proofs, a notion introduced by Goldwasser, Micali an,d Rackoff. These are probabilistic and interactive proofs that, for the members of a language, efficiently demonstrate membership in the language without conveying any additional knowledge. All previously known zero-knowledge proofs were only for number-theoretic languages-in NP-intersect-CoNP.

Under the assumption that secure encryption functions exist or by using "physical means for hiding information", we show that all languages in NP have zero-knowledge-proofs. Loosely speaking, it is possible to demonstrate that a CNF formula is satisfiable without revealing any other property of the formula. In particular, without yielding neither a satisfying assignment nor properties such as whether there is a satisfying assignmenrin which x1=x3 etc.

We also demonstrate that zero-knowledge proofs exist "outside the domain of cryptography and number theory". Using no assumptions, we show that both graph isomorphism and graph non-isomorphism have zero-knowledge interactive proofs. The mere existence of an interactive proof for graph non-isomorphism is interesting, since graph non-isomorphism is not known to be in NP and hence no efficient proofs were known before for demonstrating that two graphs are not isomorphic.

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