Technical Report CS0535

Title: Application of Circulant Matrices to the Construction and Decoding of Linear Codes
Authors: R.M. Roth and A. Lempel
Abstract: A kXk matrix A=[aij] over a field F is called circulant if aij=a(j-i) modk. A[2k,k] linear code over F=GF(q) is called double-circulant if it is generated by a matrix of the form [I A], where A is a circulant matrix. In this work we ftrst employ the Fourier transform technique to analyze and construct several families of double-circulant codes. The minimum distance of the resulting codes is lower-bounded by 2*sqrt(k) and can be decoded easily employing the standard BCH decoding algorithm or the majority-logic decoder of Reed-Muller codes. Second, we present a decoding procedure for Reed-Solomon codes, based on a representation of the parity-check matrix by circulant blocks. The decoding procedure inherits both the (relatively low) time complexity of the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm, and the hardware simplicity characteristic of Blahut's algorithm. The proposed decoding procedure makes use of the encoding circuit, together with a reduced version of Blahut's decoder.
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