Technical Report CS0520

Title: Recognition of DFS Trees: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms with Refined Verifications
Authors: E. Korach and Z. Ostfeld
Abstract: The Depth First Search (DFS) algorithm is one of the basic techniques which is used in a very large variety of graph algorithms. Every application of the DFS involves, beside traversing the graph, constructing a special structured tree, called a DFS tree that may be used subsequently.

In a previous work we have shown that the family of graphs in which every spanning tree is a DFS tree is quite limited. Therefore the question: Given an undirected graph G = (V ,E) and an undirected spanning tree T, is T a DFS tree (T-DFS) in G ? was naturally raised and answered by sequential linear time algorithms. Here, a parallel algorithm which solves this problem in 0 (log|V|) time complexity and uses O(|E|) processors on a CREW PRAM, is presented. We also study the problem for directed graphs. A linear (O(|E|) time algorithm for solving it in the sequential case and a parallel implementation of it, which has O(log2|V|) time complexity and uses O (|V|^2.376) processors on a CREW PRAM, are presented.

An important feature of our algorithms, that we call refined verification, is that some of their decisions are endowed with proofs that can be verified with a better complexity than that of the algorithms themselves: In the undirected case, if the answer of the algorithm is positive then it outputs a proof for that fact that can be verined in O(t) time complexity with O(|E|/t) processors, where t>=log|V|, on a CREW PRAM. In the directed case, if T is not a DFS tree in G then the sequential algorithm supplies an o(|V|) time proof for that fact and the parallel implementation supplies a proof for that fact that can be verified in O(log|V|) time complexity with O( |V|) processors on a CREW PRAM. If T is a DFS tree in G then the parallel implementation of the algorithm outputs a proof that can be verified in O(t) time complexity with O(|E|/t) processors, where t>=log|V|, on a CREW PRAM.

Key words: acyclic graphs, DFS trees, graph algorithms, PRAM, parallel algorithms, refined verification.

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