Technical Report CS0515

Title: DFS Tree Construction: Algorithms and Characterizations (Extended Version of TR #470)
Authors: E. Korach and Z. Ostfeld
Abstract: The Depth First Search (DFS) algorithm is one of the basic techniques which is used in a very large variety of graph algorithms. Every application of the DFS involves, beside traversing the graph, constructing a special structured tree, called a DFS tree. In this paper, we give a complete characterization of all the graphs in which every spanning tree is a DFS tree. These graphs are called Total-DFS-Graphs. The characterization we present show that a large variety of graphs are not Total-DFS-Graphs, and therefore the following question is naturally raised: Given an undirected graph G=(V,E) and an undirecttd spanning tree T, is T a DFS tree of G? We give an algorithm to answer this question in linear (O(|E|)) time. An important feature of the algorithm is that if the answer is negative then it provides a short (O(|V|)) proof for that fact.
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