Technical Report CS0511

Title: Construction of Error-Correcting DC Free Block Codes
Authors: Tuvi Etzion
Abstract: A (2n,k,l,c,d) dc free binary block code is a code of length 2n, constant weight n, 2^k codewords, maximum runlength of a symbol l, maximum accumulated charge c, and minimum distance d. The requirements are that k and d will be large and I and c small. We present a (16,9,6,3,4) dc free block code, and a (30,20,10,6,4) dc free block code. Easy encoding and decoding procedures for these codes are given. Given a code C1 of length n, even weight, and distance 4, we can obtain a (4n,k,I,c,4) dc free block code C2, where l is 4,5 or 6, c is not greater than n +1 (but usually significantly smaller). If C1 is easily constructed then C2 has easy encoding and decoding procedures.
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