Technical Report CS0435

Title: Musician - A Music Processing and Synthesis System
Authors: A. Ban and J.A. Makowsky
Abstract: MUSICIAN is a system for music processing and synthesis intended to work with a digital or analog synthesizer. It is best used for experimentation with-sounds and sound effects. The MUSICIAN system is a basis for building interactively high level effects from low level music and signal processing operations. In this sense it is a first step towards an object-oriented programming environment for integrated synthesizer/sequencer systems. The user of MUSICIAN can define for himself musical data types, transformations and instrument architectures which fit his aesthetic predilection in his musical work. It stresses the construction of new sounds from previously built sound structures rather than synthesizing each sound structure from scratch. It supports modularity and gives feedback in alphanumeric, graphic, or acoustic form. MUSICIAN, once miniaturized and productized. can serve as a userfriendly device for restructuring sound effects. The present prototype of MUSICIAN is written in FORTRAN77 and runs on a PDP11/RSX11M or VAX11/VMS environment with an attached MiniMap Array processor. The array processor is included to give the system almost realtime capabilities.
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