Technical Report CS0415

Title: Prioritized Demand Assignment Protocols and their Evaluation
Authors: I. Chlamtac, O. Ganz and. Z. Koren
Abstract: We define a class of message or station based priority protocols for demand assignment based LAN's, such as Token Bus [1], HYPERbus [2], LCN [3] etc. We show how existing priority protocols can be represented within this class and how they can be extended for a more efficient realization with regard to both delay and capacity of prioritized channel access in local area network. We introduce an analytic approach for analyzing multiple access systems operating under prioritized demand assignment protocols. The approach permits the modeling of station and priority dependent arrival rates and generally distributed transmission times. The introduced finite population model is especially appropriate for prioritized systems where the, number of users per priority class is typically small and users place different service demands on the system. As a special case, it can also be used, for analyzing any non-prioritized demand assignment protocol with a general distribution of transmission times which may differ from station to station and traffic intensities which can vary from one station to another. Finally, for modeling systems with large populations of users, we introduce an approximate model which we show to be significantly more computationally efficient than the exact model without imposing additional modeling restrictions.
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