Technical Report CS0405

Title: A Precise Definition of RRA - a Reshaped Relational Algebra which Follows Natural Language Constructs
Authors: Yoav Raz
Abstract: RRA - the Reshaped Relational Algebra is equivalent to the regular Relational Algebra (RA), ,but has different operators. Its operators, a modification of the RA's ones, are intendetd to follow the semantics of queries phrased in Natural English Language (NL). For each operator there is an appropriate elementary syntactical construct of natural language. These elementary constructs can be combined to form complex sentences (queries), having semantics given by algebraic expressions composed of respective operators. As such, the RRA is useful both in defining semantics for Natural Language subsets or languages alike, and in implementing efficiently NL translators for interfaces to relational databases. A precise definition of RRA is given and its connection to Natural Language is explained. It is also shown that RRA is equivalent to RA.
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