Technical Report CS0393

Title: Full-Commutation and Fair-Termination in Equational (and Combined) Term-Rewriting Systems
Authors: S. Porat and N. Francez
Abstract: In [PF-85] the concepts of fair derivations and fair-termination in term-rewriting systems were introduced and studied. In this paper, we define the notion of fairness in equational terrn-rewriting systems, where a derivation step is a composition of the equality generated by a (finite) set of equations with one step rewriting using a set of rules. A natural generalization of .E-termination (termination of equational term-rewriting systems), namely E-fair-termination is presented. We show that fairtermination and E-fair-termination are the same whenever the underlying rewriting relation is E-fully-co mmuting, a propetty inspired by Jouannaud and Munoz' E-commutation property. We obtain anallogous results for combined term-rewriting systems.
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