Technical Report CS0385

Title: Acyclic Hypergraph Projections and Relationships to Cirrcular-Arc Graphs
Authors: Aviv Lustig and Oded Shmueli
Abstract: Hypergraphs can be partitioned into two classes: tree (aqyclic) hypergraphs and cyclic hypergraphs . This paper analyzes a new class of cyclic hypergraphs called Xrings. Hypergraph H is an Xring if the edges of H can be circulary ordered so that for every vertex, all edges containing the vertex are consecutive; in addition no edge may be a subset of another eage and no vertex may appear in exactly one edge. Let H1 and H2 be two hypergraphs. A tree projectipn is a tree hypergraph H3 such that each edge in H1 is contained in some edge of H2 and each edge in H3 is contained in some edge of H2. A polynomial time algorithm is presented for deciding, given Xring H1 and arbitrary hypergraph H2, whether there exists a tree projection. It is shown that hypergraph H is an Xring iff a modified adjacency graph of H is a circular-arc graph. Finally, relationships between Xrings and circular representable hypergraphs are investigated.
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