Technical Report CS0353

Title: Design and Analysis of Very High Speed Network Architectures
Authors: I. Chlamtac and O. Ganz
Abstract: This paper deals with communication architectures for very high speed networks. The use of high communication speed tends to increase the ratio between the end-to-end propagation delay and the packet transmission time. This increase restricts the utilization of the high system bandwidth in broadcast channel based systems causing a rapid performance deterioration. This paper presents a communication system architecture characterized by the use of several "parallel channels and an associated design of the nodes' channel interface. An analytic model of this system is developed through which the proposed system's performance is obtained. The derived performance shows that the proposed multichannel/node-interface architecture has a potential to significantly improve the system performance when compared to conventional single channel based systems. Furthermore, it is shown that for a given network configuration an optimal architecture can be found which simultaneously maximizes the system throughput and minimizes the average packet delay.
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