Technical Report CS0346

Title: Numerical Simulation of Thermocapillar Convection in a Rapidly Rotating Liquid Cylinder
Authors: Moshe Israeli
Abstract: A fast and stable nurmercical time dependent program was used to simulate the axisymmetric thermocapillary flow in a liquid rotating float zone. It was found that the tlow deviates considerably from the linear analytical picture already at very law Rossby numbers. The symmetric linear vortex of the linear theory is not steady but grows at an expoqential rate until non linear effects break the symmetry and the center of the vortex moves towards the end plate. The amplitude of the resulting steady flow is essentially indepndent of the forcing over a large range of amplitudes. However the flow remains confined to the vertical boundary layer near the outer boundary. At higher Rossby numbers this steady flow becomes unstable and goes into a time periodic regime.
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