Technical Report CS0342

Title: The "Moving-Target" Cache - A New Approach to Prefetching
Authors: A. Mendelson and G.M. Silberman
Abstract: A new architecture for a cache memory, the Moving-Target Cache, is presented. The architecture is based on the idea of keeping in the cache the immediate vicinity of the currently accessed instructions and data.

The cache is managed by an algorithm which belongs to the prefetching class, but it characterized by an addresss translation mechanism simpler than most demand class algorlthms. This fact, together with the comparatively low cache size required, make the new cache particularly atttactive for integration in a VLSI processor chip.

Three possible implementations of the cache are presented, together with their cost/performance trade-offs. These alternatives are evaluated by simulation, compared with each other, and with LRU. Also, all implementations are shown to be more stable than LRU, when cache flushes resulting from I/O activity are taken into account.

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