Technical Report CS0338

Title: The Power of the Private Workspace Model
Authors: I. Gold and H. Boral
Abstract: In the private workspace model of concurrency control the transaction management component of a database management system maintains a private workspace for each transaction. Data items accessed by a transaction, regardless of the access mode, are cached in the workspace. At transaction commit time, its updates are made permanent in the database. In this paper we want to focus the attention to the private workspace model as a framework for the design of concurrency control algorithms which can do without ww syncronizalion. We present a 2PL derivative, named Workspace 2PL (W2PL), and show that in a system employing W2PL no ww synchronization is needed, and more important, no transaction will restart on a READ request. Furthermore, under the No Blind Writes assumption we can guarantee that no READ request will cause a transaction to starve, thus no Reader will be restarted or starved.
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