Technical Report CS0328

Title: An Efficient Broadcast Protocol Embedded in Multi-Hop Radio Networks
Authors: I. Chlamtac and S. Kutten
Abstract: In this paper we consider the problem of obtaining an efficient broadcast protocol in multi-hop radio networks. The proposed protocol is designed to provide an access method with high broadcast capacity and bounded delay while using only a small amount of network bandwidth and node memory in the broadcasting process. Thus during an ongoing broadcast activity the nodes can continue to use the channel for other non broadcast related transmissions using an existing data link multiaccess protocol. As a result we obtain a combination of a "deterministic" type of service for the broadcast activity embedded in a multiaccess data link protocol designed for random demands. This integration of the differing services, concurrently using the same network resources, is comparable in concept to hybrid circuit/packet switching. Thus applications with different service criteria can be interleaved in the same radio network.
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