Technical Report CS0321

Title: Estimating Topological Change in Fully Connected Mobile Networks - A Least Upper Bound on the Worst Case
Authors: Y. Gold and S. Moran
Abstract: A least upper bound is derived on the amount of adjustment of virtual token passing (VTP) time needed to assure collision-free access control in VTP networks (i.e., networks that use "time-out" or scheduling-function based access-protocols) and in which nodes change their spatial configuration due to motion. The bound is a function of node maximal speeds, the time that passed since the previous adjustment and the bound on network end-to-end propagation delay. The new bound allows VTP times that are shorter than those found in previous publications, especially when intervals between adjustments grow larger. For most VTP networks with large mixed populations of mobile and stationary users, the average VTP time (which is a major factor in performace of the acess protpcol) allowed by the new bound is much shorter than that of any configuration independent protocol.
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