Technical Report CS0318

Title: Deterministic Routing to Buffered Channels
Authors: Zvi Rosberg
Abstract: Conider n exponential transmision channels which transmit information with different rates. Every channel has a buffer which is capable of storing an unlimited number of messages. A new message first arrives at the controller which immediately routes it to one of the channels according to an infinite deterministic routing sequence. A cost C(i) per unit of staying time is charged in each of the channels and the long-run average staying cost is taken as the cost criterion. For n=2 and a renewal arrival process, an EPSILON-optimal routing policy is given. For n > 2 and a Poisson arrival process, a lower bound to the cost criterion is found and a new routing poiicy, the Golden Ratio policy, is presented and its cost is found. It is also shown that for a variety of systems the Golden Ratio policy has a cost close to the lower bound.
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