Technical Report CS0317

Title: Towards a Self-Adapting Centralized Control Algorithm
Authors: H. Boral and I. Gold
Abstract: The idea of concurrency control algorithms that consists of several rw synchronization techniques and several ww synchronization techniques is introduced. Some algorithms that utilize both 2PL and Certification based synchronization techniques are presented along with their proofs of correctness. The algorithms have the capability of using any number of the techniques at their disposal concurrently; as well as allow a transaction to be synchronized by different techniques at different times. Such algorithms can form the basis of a concurrency control mechanism in a database management or transaction processing system that adapts itself to the system workload by selecting the appropriate techniques to be used.

The paper concerns itself with correctness issue of such algorithms. In addition to presenting example algorithms, a general proof method is outlined and applied. Furthermore, it is shown that mixing locking and non-locking methods can be achieved and the level of the mix may be varied dynamically.

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