Technical Report CS0251

Title: Bounds on Path Connectivity
Authors: Alon Itai and Avram Zehavi
Abstract: The path-connectivity of a graph G is the maximal k for which between any k pairs of vertices there are k edge-disjoint paths (one between each pair). An upper bound tor the path-connectivity of n^q (q < 1) separable graphs [LeiBO] is shown to exist.

If the edge connectivity of a graph is K(E) then between any two pairs of vertices and for every t<=K(E) there exists a t<=t'<=t+l such that there are t' paths between the first pair and K(E)-t between the second pair. All paths are edge-disjoint. Also if the edge-connecthity of a graph is >=4 then between any three pairs of vertices there are edge-disjoint paths.

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