Technical Report CS0245

Title: Algorithms for the Generation of Full-length Shift-register Sequences
Authors: Tuvi Etzion and Abraham Lempel
Abstract: This paper presents two aigoritnms for the generation of full-length, shift-register cycles, also referred to as de Bruijn sequences. The first algorithm generates 2^(k*g(n,k)) full cycles of length 2^n, using 3n+k*g(p,k) bits of storage, where k is a free parameter in the range 1<=k<=2^((n-4)/2), and g(n,k) is of the order of n-2*logk. The second algorithm generates about 2^((n^2)/4) full cycles of length 2^n, using about (n^2)/2 bits of strorage. In both algorithms, the time required to produce the next bit from the last n bits is close to n. A possible application to the construcion of stream ciphers is indicated.
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