Technical Report CS0237

Title: On The Capacity of a Collision Channel under Stack-Based Collision Resolution Algorithm
Authors: Guy Fayolle and Micha Hofri
Abstract: The Capetanakis-Tsybakov-Mikhailov (CTM) Collision Resolution Algorithm and several cognate varieties has baen suggested for the management of a single communications medium, for an infinite population of message generators. We analyse the performance of these algorithms under state independent message arrival processes. The only quantity that is actually computed is the expected time the algorithms require to resolve a collision involving a given number of messages, and this is sufficient to find the maximum traffic the channel will bear with finite delay. In a companion paper [3J we analyse the functional equations developed here and also perform asymptotic analysis.

Key words and phrases: Collision Channel, CSMA, Feedback Channel, Local network, channel capacity, collision resolution.

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