Technical Report CS0110

Title: On Finding an Optimal Communication Spanning Tree
Authors: Alon Itai and Michael Rodeh
Abstract: An optimum communication spanning tree of an undirected graph is a spanning tree which minimizes the sum of the lengths of the tree paths between all pairs of vertices. It is shown that finding an optimal communication spanning tree is ~P-comp1ete. The maximum communication cost of a spanning tree of an n-vertex graph is o(n^3) . The average cost over all trees is 0(n^5/2). The maximum cost of a breadth first search tree may be worse than the cost of an optimum tree by a factor of at most n^2/3. For n sufficiently large, ,l+1og/loglogn bounds the diameter of most n-vertex graphs, in which the appearance of an edge is an independent random variable with probability P>=16 logn/n. Therefore, the communication cost of a breadth-first-search tree on such graphs is bounded by O(n^2*1ogn/loglogn).
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