Technical Report CS0087

Title: A Class of Fifo Queues Arising in Computer Systems
Authors: Edward G. Coffman and Micha Hofri
Abstract: Secondary memory devices are modeled as single server queueing systems. The non-random access to data within these devices is explicitly accounted for, as "set-up" times. Requests are typed by the location of the desired record. No distinction is made between 'read' and 'write' requests. Each request is assumed to be satisfiable from one location on the device (e.g. a single directory search may result in a number of distinct requests). Requests arrive according to a homogeneous Poisson process. The types of successive requests form a first order Markqv chain, which are an approximation of reality. Alternative computational procedures and closed expressions are given for queue length, waiting times (and device utilization). Some special izations, to disks and drums are presented. Only FIFO service is considered.
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